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What To Expect

What to expect during a treatment

Reflexology is a relaxing, pleasant and easy treatment to receive.

For your first treatment, a medical history will be taken and there will be space to mention any other concerns. You will be asked to sign a consent form before your treatment. Please note that your records and any information will be kept confidentially in accordance with data protection regulations. I provide a safe and respectful space.

The treatment will be carried out with the client lying on a comfortable, wide massage couch. You will be covered in a warm blanket and some peaceful music will be played. The actual reflexology session will be 50 minutes long and begins with a refreshing foot wipe followed by the application of organic foot reflexology cream. I begin with some relaxation movements for the feet, then each foot will be worked on in turn in a specific order that involves the gentle systematic application of thumbs, fingers and knuckles to apply pressure to the reflex points. Hands may also be worked on should there be a need to avoid an area of the feet. The experience should be very relaxing although some points may feel tender, sharp or ‘gritty’ momentarily when being worked on and this will pass. These sensations may indicate an imbalance in the corresponding area of the body. The treatment ends with a lovely, pampering, relaxing foot massage. Falling asleep during reflexology will not diminish the benefits of the treatment!

How might I feel after a treatment

Of course, we are all different and whilst it is not possible to know exactly how each individual will respond, the majority of people feel deeply relaxed. You may also experience a wonderful sense of peace, calm and wellbeing.

As part of the ‘healing process,’ some clients may also experience sleepiness, a mild headache or a need to go to the toilet more often. This healing process should pass within 24-48 hours and reflexologists believe are just the body’s way of removing any toxins and rebalancing the body.

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